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kim woods - athens, ga

willaby went online in May 2014. My brand picked up speed that year, and in the spring of 2015, it truly took flight. What a year 2015 has been. I wanted to create an entry where I could record some places that willaby has appeared since its inception.

True success lies in many things other than recognition. For me it's the ability to do what I love, have my work as an integral part of my being, to practice creativity and independence. Joined with this is the ability to buy wholesome foods for my family, provide for our housing, and give my son a good education. However, this was able to become a reality because others became aware of what I was doing, and graciously started making my clothing a part of their children's lives. When I took the leap last year to start my own brand and pushed along to get my product made, still there was the element of putting it into realms where people were listening. Without the enthusiasm of warm-hearted women who placed my work in front of a larger audience, my story wouldn't have been told beyond my own images and advertising. It's bloggers, Instagrammers, writers, publications, and moms who love my brand who've extended that gesture.

2015 was like a bolt out of the sky. willaby took on a life of its own, beyond what I could have imagined.

Here is a little timeline of people and publications in the industry who shared willaby with a wider audience, from our start in 2014 to the end of 2015: 

August 2014 - Arrow & Apple - "Where Summer Meets Fall"

August 2014 - Mother Magazine - "Meet Amanda Jane Jones and Her Daughter Jane"

September 2014 - calivintage - "adam: 31 weeks"

December 2014 - Mini Style Blog - "Inside the Industry | willaby"

January 2015 - Practising Simplicity - "essentials for baby" - See another post here.

April 2015 - Zooey Magazine - "Day in the Life | The Richardsons (Puj)"

May 2015 - Magnesium Blue - "willaby Clothier Women's Pieces"

June 2015 - Reading My Tea Leaves - "baby proof - baby clothes" - See other posts here and here.

July 2015 - Mama Watters Blog - "motherhood // a little glimpse into our lives as a family of five"  

August 2015 - Melissa Sonico - "willaby"

November 2015 - Babyccino Blog - "willaby"

November 2015 - LaTonya Yvette - "Gift Guide: Three (Children's) Brands for Winter Staples"

November 2015 - Vogue - "Why You Should Upgrade Your Kids' PJ's for Winter"

December 2015 - Mini Style Blog - "2015 Holiday Gift Guide"

December 2015 - Mama Watters Blog - "homestead // a gifting philosophy"

December 2015 - Enfants Terrible Magazine - Interview in Issue #11 - "willaby"

December 2015 - Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine - December 2015 Issue - "Sweet Threads"

(This list is not meant by any means to be fully comprehensive. I'm grateful to everyone, everywhere, who has shared willaby with their audience.)

Warmest thanks to the following skilled, special people who worked closely with me in 2015 to help my vision become a reality:

Logan Potterf
Rachel Iliadis
Kaori Drome

A big thanks to all of my retailers for offering willaby to their customers.

And lastly, my heartfelt appreciation to all of you out there who bring willaby into your home.

See you in 2016!

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