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12 days of gifting / guide no. 2 / blankie love

Our second gift guide focuses on sweet gifts for newborn babies. If you've had it in mind to wait for the bundle containing our heirloom blanket...this is the one!




From left to right:

1. willaby heirloom blanket: Since we began making this blanket about two years ago, its become a staple item for so many families, a bedtime/naptime favorite (and necessity!) for so many littles. If I were to list one item from our website that's on Babylist registries time and again, it's this one. Made from 8 layers of unbleached, minimally processed cotton woven in a small eco-sustainable facility, this is a responsible and timeless gift that grows with a child from newborn to toddler and beyond. 


2. willaby dotted teether blankie: Simple and effective, our teether blankie is a thoughtful newborn gift. My son started grabbing at things sooner than I thought (3 months, maybe?), and began putting objects in his mouth thereafter. It gave me peace of mind knowing that his young system had something healthy to grab and bite, like this domestically-made wooden maple that we rub with organic beeswax and organic jojoba oil. Not all wooden teething rings are equal; be sure to ask brands where the ring is made, what wood they use, where the wood is sourced, and how it's finished. Standards and quality vary according where the wood comes from and where the ring is manufactured.


3. Maileg monkey: I'm particular about stuffed animals, and lean more towards the European aesthetic. I guess this could be described as a less plush, more structured toy. Maileg is one of my favorite stuffed animal companies. Everything that they design is so dreamy and fairytale and.....ah, so nice! This monkey was one of my first stuffed animal purchases for my son, at one of my favorite kids' stores, seed factory at Westside Provisions in Atlanta. (I was first a seed factory customer, and now I'm a customer + vendor. :) I love their level of curation and customer service. They sell the cutest Maileg twin set on their website.)

I found a few variations of Henry's Maileg monkey here, here, and here.


4. willaby triangle burp cloth: I asked my mom if we could make a sample of this burp cloth while we were putting together my the geo heirloom blanket no. 1. Our burp cloth is soft, absorbant, washes up well, and is like a mini version of the heirloom blanket with an extra layer of batting. You can purchase the cloths singly or in a multicolor 4-pack (available on each burp cloth's drop-down menu). 


5. manhattan toys skwish: I bought too many infant toys for my son, and amongst all of them, this is the one I'd keep. Its visual complexity was appealing to Henry from Day 1, and as he grew, he liked its gentle rattle sound, the sliding beads, and its squeezable, collapsable nature. I see that it's not available on their website, so here's a link for purchase.


6. fog linen booties: fog linen fans, raise your hands! These booties are timeless, heirloom-quality, and unisex. I like giving these as gifts for all those reasons. I just noticed that they sell denim ones, too. Ah, geez!




I've selected this willaby holiday bundle from our newborn guide:


- one ivory trim heirloom blanket + one dotted teether blankie in baby pink, baby blue, gray, chartreuse, or chambray - $96 (ORIG. $112)




See you next week for our another 12 days of gifting guide!




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