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  • 12 days of gifting / guide no. 1 / taking care of mama
  • Post author
    Kimberly Woods

12 days of gifting / guide no. 1 / taking care of mama

Surprise! Today begins our "12 days of gifting" holiday blog series. Starting now 'til Christmas, I'll be peppering our Instagram feed, pinning to Pinterest, and dusting off our online blog with 12 gift guides for expectant mother to newborn, infant, toddler, and pre-k. Ask my photographer Logan Potterf, and he'll tell you that flat lay photos are my jam. I love creating them because I get to play stylist with my products. So I'm not-so-secretly a little giddy about this series. (Logan, whadya you think of my first photo?!)

I have a strong commitment to ethically-made, natural, minimal products (no-brainer there), and I've been wanting to share with you other brands that claim spots on the top of my list. Gift guides give me the perfect opportunity to do just that! These products are ones that inspire me, and many are staples for myself and my family. 

I'll be selecting a few willaby items from each gift guide to be sold as bundles on the website. They'll be available until the Christmas delivery cut-off in December, or until they sell out. Whew! It's a big task doing twelve gift guides and making willaby bundles from them, but I like a challenge. (Look for holiday bundles on the main menu, and watch our collection grow each week.) Bundles will be offered at a reduced price compared to separately purchasing the products. Bundle up, price down. :) 

If you're like me, you savor early holiday shopping, and you like to admire your growing cadre of gifts starting in October. I already have a few of my little guy's presents in the closet waiting for him, and it's fun to get them out and look at them every once in awhile. Or maybe you like to wait closer to the holidays and dive into a total shopping frenzy, which is quite fun in its own right. Either way, these bundles will be on the website 'til you're ready for them, or 'til we sell out.




Our first holiday gift guide is for the expectant mother. From clockwise in the photo, here are some ways to make a pregnant mama feel loved:


1. willaby organic women's scarf / indigo - The single-layer gauze of this piece is so yummy. She'll love the softness, and the fact that she doesn't have to worry about growing out of it as her belly grows. I had a special place in my heart for my scarves during pregnancy, because I got to wear them the entire time. They always fit! The bonus to this piece is that it doubles as a breathable nursing cover once baby arrives.


2. promptly journal - A thoughtful gift for an expectant mother that feels especially for her. No loud graphics, or anything that looks too cutesy or too baby. A quiet way for her to sit with her thoughts and record them on paper.


3. earth mama angel baby organics post-partum bath herbs - This company makes some of the safest products for mom and baby on the market. I didn't think much about what post-partum would be like after I had my son. I became very thankful for things like Epsom salts and herbal baths. This herbal mix has healing and soothing ingredients like sea salt, oatmeal, and calendula. It comes in a set with other products I've tried and raved about to friends.


4. little allouette teether - I honestly bought this teether simply so that I could admire it. Sometimes baby toys are the most beautiful objects on their own. And bonus...I just found out that these are made in my home state of Ohio. I see that the rattle in my photo is no longer available, but take a look at the equally exquisite waldorf handle rattle.


5. arnica, panaway, and lavender - I'm starting to integrate essential oils into our routine, and I wish that I'd known more about them during my post-partum journey. I did, however, use arnica, and it was incredibly helpful applied to stitches, or any other part of my body that needed healing. (I like arnica oil better than arnica gel because the latter typically contains alcohol.) I've used Panaway on sore muscles since becoming a mom and it works like a charm. Lavender is an all-time standard that you return to again and again, especially for its calming and soothing effect. I apply oils using glass roll-on bottles containing 20 drops essential oil, finished off with either V-6 or fractionated coconut oil. (I can't find a domestically-made glass roll-on bottle, and sadly I doubt that I ever will. Please email me if you know of something!) The essential oils I use are from Young Living, and I'm incorporating them into holiday gifts like roll-on bottles and bath salts. You need to become a member of YL to purchase the oils, and you can use my referral link here, if you like. (Disclaimer: I'm not a representative for Young Living, and I'm not a fount of knowledge on essential oils, but I do like using them and know a number of other people who swear by them. You should always check first with your doctor about essential oil use.)


6. wooden necklaces no. 1 and 2 - Another piece that always fits, from pregnancy to post-partum and beyond. These minimal, natural necklaces are pretty on their own AND double as teething necklaces when baby starts knawing away. Finished with 100% organic jojoba oil and organic beeswax.




I've selected this willaby holiday bundle from our expectant mother guide:


- (a.) one promptly journal & one wooden necklace no. 1 for the bundle price of $57 (ORIG. $64)


- (b.) one promptly journal & two of wooden necklace no. 2 for the bundle price of $60 (ORIG. $68)




Watch for our next holiday gift guide and willaby bundle...for newborns!



  • Post author
    Kimberly Woods